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6151 Brace Rd. Loomis | Call (916) 660-9492

Safer For Life

Sea Otter Swim Lessons offers a unique focus on the individual swimmer and their developmental abilities. Our secure and loving approach continues to benefit young and old swimmers alike. Sea Otter Swim Lessons has been providing high-quality lessons to families in the Loomis Basin for the past 20 years!


In addition to our private, semi-private, and parent-tot lessons, we have expert coaches in competitive stroke development as well as teachers with expertise in infant and adaptive aquatics. Additional services include our non-competitive swim team, adult swim lessons, and adult lap exercise.


Weekly Classes

Join our year-round program. Pick the day and time that works for you and swim with us once a week. To stop lessons, give us a 30-day notice and fill out a withdrawal form.


Monthly Prices

20-minute private lessons:               $120

30-minute private lessons:               $200

30-minute semi-private lessons       $100

30-minute parent/tot lessons:           $80


Fees are based on a four-week month. Fees will be automatically charged monthly. Prices will be prorated for the number of lessons in the month.


Spring and Summer Sessions

In addition to our weekly year-round lessons, we will be offering spring and summer sessions in 2015!


Our session program is designed to give your swimmer quicker results in a shorter period. Each session is 8 lessons (Tuesday through Friday) for 2 weeks, allowing your child to learn water safety and swim skills in an accelerated time.


Session Times

Session 1: April 7-17*

Session 2: April 21- May 1*

Session 3: May 5-15

Session 4: May 19-29

Session 5: June 2-12

Session 6: June 16-26

Session 7: July 7-17

Session 8: July 21-31

Session 9: Aug 4-14


Session Prices

20-minute private lessons:               $240

30-minute private lessons:               $400

30-minute semi-private lessons       $200


*Sign up for session 1 or 2 and receive 25% off those sessions!


Registration opens March 2


Introducing Our New Level Characters

At Sea Otter Swim Lessons, we have eight different levels that make up our learn-to-swim program. Each level is represented by a water creature. The levels are:


Frog, Crab, Fish, Piranha, Sea Otter, Dolphin, Great White, and Killer Whale


We are excited to announce that we have new characters that represent each level!


Last May, we introduced our Sea Otter mascot, Salty. Salty is also the new face of our Sea Otter level and... Read More

Introducing Sea Otter’s New Logo!

Sea Otter Swim Lessons has some exciting news!


After more than 18 years with our previous logo, we felt the time was right to create an updated image to reflect our company. Our goal was to create an updated visual identity that was clean, bubbly, and fresh! We are very excited with the result and we hope you are too! So, here it is!



We also have this version when it works better to do a horizontal logo as opposed to a stacked logo:


And one other version, to be... Read More

2015 Blog Series: Focus on Identity



This year we are focusing on identity. We want to take this year to really look at the identity of our customers, our staff, and our company.


The Customer—That’s You!

It is you—the customer—who keeps our business thriving. You are the reason we do what we do. You are the reason why we love teaching swimmers how to be safer in and around the water. It is you who puts a smile on our face when your child masters their torpedoes or tries a back... Read More


Safety Tips


Safety Resource Websites To learn more or get connected check out these great w Read More


Safety and Benefits DrowningPrevention CPRClasses Safety Equipment &a Read More

Drowning Prevention

Safety and Benefits DrowningPrevention CPRClasses Safety Equipment &a Read More


Customer References

“My grandson took lessons at Sea Otter Swim Lessons. We quickly realized that Sea Otter would not only teach swimming and water safety skills; but do so in a fun, safe environment with the focus being what was best for our grandson.."
-Johnny’s Grandma

“We can’t thank you enough for working so hard and gently to teach Addison how to swim. He has come so far, it was wonderful to watch. To go from crying (first 6 lessons) to the confidence he now has. I tribute this to the patience, demeanor, knowledge, skill, and efforts of his instructor. Thank you for having such a positive impact on all our lives.”
-Debbie & Mel

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