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6151 Brace Rd. Loomis | Call (916) 660-9492

Safer For Life

Sea Otter Swim Lessons offers a unique focus on the individual swimmer and their developmental abilities. Our secure and loving approach continues to benefit young and old swimmers alike. Sea Otter Swim Lessons has been providing high-quality lessons to families in the Loomis Basin for the past 20 years!


In addition to our private, semi-private, and parent-tot lessons, we have expert coaches in competitive stroke development as well as teachers with expertise in infant and adaptive aquatics. Additional services include our non-competitive swim team, adult swim lessons, and adult lap exercise.


Weekly Classes

Join our year-round program. Pick the day and time that works for you and swim with us once a week. To stop lessons, give us a 30-day notice and fill out a withdrawal form.


Monthly Prices

20-minute private lessons:               $112

30-minute private lessons:               $184

30-minute semi-private lessons       $92

30-minute parent/tot lessons:           $72


There is a $35 single/$50 annual family registration fee.


Fees are based on a four-week month. Fees will be automatically charged monthly. Prices will be prorated for the number of lessons in the month.


Swim Benefits for Individuals with Special Needs

Swimming is a great sport and activity, not only because of the neurological and social benefits, but because it is an activity that benefits everyone!


At Sea Otter, we are especially proud of our adaptive swim program. We focused on six types of special needs when we developed this program:


  • Autism
  • Down Syndrome
  • Read More

    A Sea Otter Employee Takes Lessons from One of Our Very Own: Part One

    Amy Motroni does branding and marketing for Sea Otter and is taking swim lessons with one of Sea Otter's instructors. Read about her adult lessons here!

    When I first started working at Sea Otter Swim Lessons, I felt a little like a fraud.

    Here I was working at a swim lesson business (disclaimer: not as a swim instructor), and I didn’t even know how to swim well myself.

    I don’t have any water fears. But whenever I am in a pool or the water, I just kind of doggy paddle around, tread water, and float.

    As a kid,... Read More

    Nothing wrong with a little fun and games!

    At Sea Otter, we believe that kids learn best while having fun. In fact, we think the same is also true for adults!


    That is why we incorporate music, games, and fun into each lesson—all while teaching your swimmer valuable water safety skills.


    Benefits of fun

    When your child is having fun, their brain is more responsive and more likely to retain information. Fun activities become more interesting... Read More


Safety Tips


Safety Resource Websites To learn more or get connected check out these great w Read More

Drowning Prevention

Safety and Benefits DrowningPrevention CPRClasses SafetyEquipment R Read More


Safety and Benefits DrowningPrevention CPRClasses SafetyEquipment R Read More


Customer References

“We can’t thank you enough for working so hard and gently to teach Addison how to swim. He has come so far, it was wonderful to watch. To go from crying (first 6 lessons) to the confidence he now has. I tribute this to the patience, demeanor, knowledge, skill, and efforts of his instructor. Thank you for having such a positive impact on all our lives.”
-Debbie & Mel

“My grandson took lessons at Sea Otter Swim Lessons. We quickly realized that Sea Otter would not only teach swimming and water safety skills; but do so in a fun, safe environment with the focus being what was best for our grandson.."
-Johnny’s Grandma

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