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Parent Tot Lessons

Our Parent Tot lessons are designed for children ages four months to 30 months. The 30-minute class has a 6:1 student-to-teacher ratio. This fun and foundational time for parents and babies covers water exploration, breath control, water movement, and safety skills. We use songs and games to help children feel safe while discovering the foundations of swimming. Our warm water (92 degrees) makes a wonderful environment for swimming beginnings!

At Sea Otter Swim Lessons we believe that infant swimming increases water comfort and provides a strong foundation for safety skills and stroke techniques. Participating in Parent Tot classes can be a special bonding experience with your child, while establishing a healthy attitude toward the water.



Monday: 5:00 pm, 6:30 pm

Tuesday–Thursday: 9:00 am, 10:30 am, 5:00 pm, 6:30 pm

Friday: 9:00 am, 10:30 am

Saturday: 9:00 am, 10:30 am, 12:30 pm


30-minute parent/tot lessons: $64


Prices are based on a four-week month and will be prorated for the number of lessons offered in the month.


Call 916-660-9492 to register.


Watch our Parent Tot video to learn more!

Sea Otter Swim from Sea Otter Swim Lessons on Vimeo.


Diaper Policy:

We require children ages three and younger follow our diaper policy (potty trained or not) when swimming in our pool.

Children younger than three years old: Must wear two diapers, one disposable swim diaper and one non-disposable cloth swim diaper (even if potty trained).

Three to four years old: Fully potty-trained swimmers must wear an approved non-disposable swim diaper. If your swimmer is not fully potty trained, regardless of age, they must wear a disposable swim diaper and a non-disposable cloth swim diaper.


Our approved swim diapers may be purchased year round in our onsite retail shop and seasonally at local retailers. Children ages three and younger who are not wearing an approved swim diaper will not be permitted to enter to pool.





Private Lessons


Enjoy the benefits of one-on-one instruction! Our private lessons are offered for 20 or 30 minutes. Our highly trained instructors provide private lessons to ensure each swimmer receives the attention they need. Private lessons are ideal for new swimmers, young swimmers, and those who would like individual attention.



20-minute private lessons: $120
30-minute private lessons: $200


Prices are based on a four-week month and will be prorated for the number of lessons offered in the month.



Call 916-660-9492 to register.


Semi-Private Lessons


Our semi-private lessons are available for students who are 4 years old and up. The class is 30 minutes and has a 2:1 student-to-teacher ratio. These classes offer the benefits of positive social interaction and high-quality instruction. Our staff works with parents to closely match swimmers based on experience and ability.



30-minute semi-private lessons: $100


Prices are based on a four-week month and will be prorated for the number of lessons offered in the month.


Call 916-660-9492 to register.

Adult Lessons

Whether you are 19 or 90 we have instruction that’s right for you! Many adults think it’s too late to learn to swim, but that’s simply not true! You can learn to enjoy the water and be mobile in it at any age. No matter your background or fears, we can help! Our adult lessons are available in private, semi-private, and seasonally in group classes.


Statistics in the U.S. (Gallup Poll, 1998)

  • 46 percent of American adults are afraid of water over their heads in a pool.
  • 64 percent are afraid in deep, open water.
  • 39 percent are afraid to put their heads under water.


    Our instructors are trained in overcoming fear for adult swimmers. Our training includes a comfort assessment, goal sheets, comfort drills, and physical support.

    Learn to Swim

    This class is designed to introduce the inexperienced or fearful adult to the water. The objective of this course is to help adults become more comfortable in the water and enjoy it safely. Students will learn breath control, relaxation, floating, and swimming movement in the shallow and deep water. As they build confidence, students will learn proper kicking and body position for front and back swimming. Freestyle, back crawl, elementary backstroke, and basic safety skills will be refined as students become more comfortable in the pool.

    Adult Swim Refinement Class

    This class is designed for the more experienced swimmer. Objectives in the course will be to work on proper timing, technique, and stroke refinement in order to achieve more ease, efficiency, power, and endurance. Students will focus on refining their basic strokes so that they may be able to swim over longer distances. Students will work on more advanced diving progressions, turns at the wall, and safety skills.


    Call 916-660-9492 to register.

Adaptive Lessons

We are excited to offer our Adaptive Swim Program–The Aqua Stars! We provide high-quality swim lessons to children and adults with special needs, taught by specially trained instructors. Our goal is to help each swimmer push past their physical, cognitive, or neurological challenges to be successful in learning to swim, learning water safety, developing confidence, increasing fitness, and having fun! We strive to help each swimmer reach their fullest potential. The program includes one-on-one instruction with a specially trained instructor, an initial out-of-water assessment, and an individualized lesson plan designed to fit each swimmer’s personal goals and needs.


Learning to swim can be not only a life-saving skill but also a lifelong recreational activity, promoting a healthier, safer, more enjoyable future.

Our Adaptive classes are offered in 20 or 30-minute private lessons. Once the swimmer has been in private lessons for at least one lesson and upon instructor discretion, they may move to a 30-minute semi-private lesson, if desired.



20-minute private lessons:           $120
30-minute private lessons:           $200


Prices are based on a four-week month and will be prorated for the number of lessons offered in the month.


Call 916-660-9492 to register. Mention the adaptive program to ensure you are matched with one of our specially trained instructors.

Level and Skills to Complete

At Sea Otter Swim Lessons, each level is made up of five skills. For a swimmer to master a skill they must demonstrate the ability to perform the skill in three consecutive lessons. A swimmer passes a level when they can master all the skills within that level.

Each time a swimmer masters a skill, or passes a level, parents will receive an email notifying them of the new attained skill or level graduation.


1.FROGSea Otter Swim Characters Final_Frog Outlined
  • Caterpillars
  • 5 Second Let Go
  • Supported Back Float
  • Rollover Breath (Assisted
  • Humpty w/Return (Assisted)
Sea Otter Swim Characters Final_Crab Outlined copy
  • X Float
  • Kick w/Aids
  • Back Float
  • Rollover Rockets (Assisted)
  • Jump In w/Return (Assisted)
Sea Otter Swim Characters Final_Fish Outlined
  • Kanga Hops (3ft)
  • Torpedo Kicks (Width)
  • Back Kicks (Width)
  • 4 Big Arms w/Rollover
  • Push Offs
Sea Otter Swim Characters Final_Piranha Outlined
  • Jumping Jack Arms
  • Elementary Backstroke
  • Backstroke Arms
  • ½ Rollover Rocket
  • Knee Dive w/Return
Sea Otter Swim Characters Final_Otter Outlined
  • Shallow-Deep Bobs
  • Dolphin Kick
  • Backstroke (Long Lap)
  • Freestyle w/ Side Breath
  • Stand Up Dive
Sea Otter Swim Characters Final_Dolphin Outlined
  • Sculling
  • Whip Kick
  • Butterfly Arms
  • 6 Kick Switch
  • Platform Dive
Sea Otter Swim Characters Final_Great White Outlined
  • Eggbeater
  • Breaststroke Arms
  • Butterfly
  • Freestyle w/Rhythm
  • Open/Flip Turn
Sea Otter Swim Characters Final_Killer Whale Outlined
  • 2 Minute Tread
  • Breaststroke
  • IM (25yrds each)
  • Endurance Swim (100yrds)
  • Racing Dive

If you have any questions regarding your swimmer’s progress, please feel free to talk to your instructor or stop by the office at your next lesson.

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Parent Tot Informational Video


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